Woody Allen announces his latest film and retirement


    Woody Allen announces his latest film and retirement

    Woody Allen will film his 50th film in Paris. Perhaps this project will be the last for the director. Shooting should start in the fall. The director himself spoke about this in an interview with Alec Baldwin.

    “Now you make a film, and it only plays in theaters for a couple of weeks, and then goes to online services where you have to pay to watch. It's not the same thing, I don't enjoy it”, – said the 86-year-old director.

    Allen's latest film to date – Rifkin Festival (2020) starring Louis Garrel, Gina Gershon and Christoph Waltz. Fees tape amounted to only 1.7 million dollars. Woody Allen's previous film, A Rainy Day in New York, grossed $23 million globally on a budget of $25 million.

    Woody Allen hasn't said much about his upcoming film yet: it will be a drama about cops, and filming will begin in August in Paris. According to the director, the spirit of the tape will be reminiscent of “Match Point” (2005).

    Both stars, whose names are now associated with high-profile scandals, did not discuss sensitive topics.

    Recall that Alec Baldwin mortally wounded cinematographer Galina Hutchins in an accident on set. And Allen is accused of raping his 7-year-old daughter Dylan Farrow in 1992.


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