Woody Allen first started talking about marriage with the stepdaughter

Вуди Аллен впервые заговорил о браке с падчерицей

Famous Hollywood Director woody Allen, who is accused of rape, published a scandalous memoir about his life. For the first time kinomaster spoke about his marriage to adopted daughter soon-And Previn?.

According to the Associated Press, the Director has published a 400-page memoir under the title Apropos of Nothing (“Nothing”). The book is a candid account of woody Allen about his life, starting from childhood until now.

But readers attention riveted to the scandalous fact of life woody is a film Director who married his stepdaughter who was younger than his 34 years. It is known that Roman couples began when Allen was still living with her mother, famous actress MIA Farrow. When the truth came to light, it provoked a big scandal in Hollywood.

“We walked, talked, enjoyed each other and, of course, slept together. In the beginning of the relationship, when we captured the passion, we couldn’t keep their hands off each other. An incredible young woman; very smart, it has a lot of hidden potential,” – said woody Allen, and admitted that he has no regrets.

The couple married 23 years and raising two children together.

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