Working conditions: pressure tactics of part-time coroners in Quebec


Working conditions: pressure tactics of part-time coroners in Quebec

According to part-time coroners in Quebec, the deterioration of working conditions causes approximately 15% of the workforce to flee each year.

For the first time in 35 years, part-time coroners in Quebec will begin pressure tactics on Wednesday by limiting their availability until the Quebec state demonstrates its intention to truly negotiate about their workload.


Part-time coroners, who claim to carry out 98% of investigations for the Bureau du coroner with more than 5,000 death files per year, nevertheless experience the departure of approximately 15% of their workforce each year because of the worsening working conditions, including pay and benefits that are never reviewed, they say.

The Association des coroners du Québec denounces that while the government is preparing to increase its training requirements for coroners, they still do not receive any remuneration for training. However, part-time coroners say they live in a complex legislative, legal, regulatory and medical world.

On the other hand, part-time coroners complain about the ;lack of compensation for the time spent traveling to the death scenes, which is sometimes an important element for their investigation.

They also denounce that the government pays them an amount of x27;inadequate money for them to carry out administrative tasks themselves.

The Association des coroners du Québec adds that the budgets allocated to coroners in the ;Ontario are higher than those of Quebec.

She therefore asks that the government immediately agree to a statutory negotiation mechanism consisting of a joint table and a x27;a tight deadline, given the urgency of the situation.


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