World Cup 2022: we already know the winner thanks to this supercomputer

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Who from Morocco, France or Argentina will win this 2022 World Cup? If we already know one of the two finalists, this supercomputer is already capable of giving the winner.

World Cup 2022: we already know the winner thanks to to this supercomputer

While an AI had already lent itself to the game of predictions, a new supercomputer has announced the winner of the 2022 World Cup. And it is on the site FiveThirtyEight (538) that the we can follow the probabilities of winning by team.

At the time of writing, Argentina is announced as the favorite with 57%chances of victory. Next come France with a 32% chance of victory and Morocco with an 11% chance of victory. Regarding the semi-final of this Wednesday, December 14, the supercomputer announces France as the winner with 66%.

Before the Argentina-Croatia match, the South American team was already announced as the favorite with a 37% chance victory just ahead of France (35%). Croatia and Morocco were therefore the outsiders with 16% and 13% chances of victory respectively.

But how does FiveThirtyEight proceed to establish its forecasts?

< h2>FiveThirtyEight, king of prono ?

The method ofFiveThirtyEight consists of compiling data from each team since the start of the competition. The results of the international teams are taken into account first, which makes it possible to obtain a first score. They weigh for 75% in the final result.

The supercomputer analyzes the results obtained by international teams since 1905, the performance of the teams that compete (number of goals, red cards, start time of the match, etc.). All this data is updated in real time.

Next, the calculator takes into consideration the results of the players with their clubs and their performances during the World Cup. This result counts for 25% in the final prediction.

These two statistics are then combined to obtain the final prediction of the supercomputer.

World Cup 2022: we already know the winner thanks to this supercomputer

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Is the system foolproof? Absolutely not. Football remains a sport where anything can happen, even more so in a knockout competition. As proof, FiveThirtyEight had announced Brazil winner of Croatia and Portugal winner of Morocco. That’s football as the English would say (also eliminated by France).

This is not the first time that calculators have played the game of predictions. With each major football competition, new tools are created to anticipate the results. Sometimes they are right, sometimes not.

See you in a few days to find out if this supercomputer was right in its prediction. We hope not. And above all… Go Blues!

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