Worrying reports are coming from Great Britain. Duchess Kate faces an unpleasant ailment. What ails the future queen

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What was Duchess Kate facing?

 There are disturbing reports from Great Britain. Princess Kate is faced with an unpleasant ailment. What is wrong with the future queen

Pudelek “, Princess Kate took part in a meeting with the soldiers of the Commonwealth of Nations. It was then that her conversation was overheard, in which Prince William's wife was complaining about her health.

Princess Kate's health was of concern

Although in recent days the British press has focused on Meghan Markle, recently Princess Kate has returned to the front pages. All because of the health of the future queen. The last time was not easy for Prince William's wife. Not long ago, the Cambridgs were relocating to their new home from Kensington to Windsor. They had a lot of work to do.

Then came the devastating news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II and a 10-day celebration to commemorate the late Queen. Princess Kate feels strongly the hardships of the last weeks, which have had a negative impact on her health.

According to “Hello Magazine” reports, Princess Kate suffers from insomnia. She had to admit to this unpleasant ailment during a meeting with soldiers from the Commonwealth of Nations at a military base in Surrey.

Lack of sleep worries the future queen

In the case of Princess Kate, insomnia may be caused by the sheer volume of duties and the stress she has experienced in recent days. Unfortunately, lack of sleep adversely affects the entire body. It leads not only to a mood swings or a memory problem, but also to a decrease in immunity.

Experts have no illusions that Duchess Kate should rest and relax a bit. Long-term insomnia can lead to more and more serious problems.

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