Wrestler Hulk Hogan sued $ 110 million compensation for his stolen sex tape

Рестлер Халк Хоган отсудил 110 млн долларов компенсации за украденное у него секс-видео

66-year-old wrestler, actor, television presenter and musician Hulk Hogan won a important victory in court that will help him partially offset the blow to the reputation and loss of jobs that occurred with him a few years ago.

About the victory of wrestler according to The News Observer.

It is reported that the lawyers of the Hulk Hogan agreed with a radio station Cox Radio on pre-trial settlement on the scandal with the sex tape, which occurred in 2012-m to year.

Then the DJs of the radio station “leaked” written in 2007, a sex tape, where in the frame are Hogan and the wife of his best friend.

In addition to the sexual content on the recording heard racist comments wrestler, what was the cause of his dismissal from the Association WWE in 2015.

Then Hogan was able to seek payment from the owners of the website Gawker, where a video compensation to $ 31 million.

He has since filed a lawsuit against Cox Radio DJs whom he considers guilty of streaming video to website.

The following year, was scheduled for a jury trial, but the parties decided not to bring up a case and went to the world. The wrestler agreed to receive compensation in the amount of $ 110 million as compensation for loss of employment damage to reputation.

In 2018, he managed to return to WWE, but before that, I had to make a number of excuses for the scandalous video.

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