Write: “Pastore is ready to play now”

Write: “Pastore is ready to play now”

Write: “Pastore is ready to play now”

The Elche coach, Fran Escribá, wanted to highlight in the press conference a few minutes ago the difficulty of the rival they face tomorrow, a Levante that “has had a very complicated calendar and it could even be logical to take the points that it has or be with zero. This team has been tied in the discount two games and in the clash against Real Madrid, which ended up tying him at 3, he had a very clear chance to have made it 4-2 and to have killed the game “.

For the franjiverde coach, “Levante has been conditioned by the fact that they have had three draws in games that were very well on track. That tells us the real potential of this squad. To think that because he has fewer points than we are going to win him is to deceive ourselves. It is a ready-made team, consolidated in the category, whose goals are higher than ours. It is a stable club, which has grown a lot in recent years and is very dangerous at a sporting level. It is true that it is a team that plays open games, which is something that in general we do not like or do well. We will try to counteract that type of footballer who has so fast in transitions, who generate so many occasions in that type of open football, and from there try to be ourselves. ”

Regarding the good dynamics of the group, Escribá warns that “we always work to win, but we are not very much about looking back. We are more about looking forward. What we want is to win the next game and go step by step towards the goal. It is It is true that we come from a good victory, that the team transmits good feelings, but that does not lead us to be confused either. We are a team that must work from humility and to be united and to know that each play and each game is important. With these premises, in front of a team that is also happy like Levante, obviously we can have more options “.

The Valencian coach insists on what he has been talking to the squad throughout the week: “Our idea is to try to impose the rhythm of the game ourselves. But not only against Levante. With almost any team. Starting from who we are, we must try to dominate the game. Levante is a team that has very good players with the ball, but without the ball it is a very dangerous team. It will be essential that they do not run us, that they do not catch us wrongly positioned behind the ball, how we position ourselves is going to be very important… We have worked on that. The team is very clear about what to do. Let’s see if tomorrow we can take it to the field. ”

The franjiverde coach regretted the losses of Jony Álamo, Pedro Bigas and Lucas Boyé. About the latter he said that he will not play and that “I am not in favor of taking risks at this point. If Wednesday is available, he will go. If not, we will think about the next game or the other. If there is something we can afford is no force. We have people upstairs. Their absence is noticeable but it will be less noticeable with the squad we have. ”

On the evolution of Bigas recovery, Escribá assured to be “very optimistic. I am very convinced that it will be much less than it seems and that much sooner than people think it will return. It upsets us because it means losing a man who was in very good shape and who gives a lot of hierarchy to the defense, but we have people behind us. Fortunately, we have made a template that allows us to correct these problems practically without being noticed. ”

The coach delved into the subject: “If nothing strange happens, although Gonzalo Verdú can also fall for cards, we still have Enzo Roco, Barragán has done very well as a central defender, Josema is central, Diego is also central. Defense of three you need them to be strong, which they are, and have a good ball out. And last year we saw in the last two games with the example of Barragán and other times with Josema, who has also done very well. I think we’ll be covered. And we even have John’s help. ”

Possible debut of Pastore

According to the coach, “Pastore is perfect. Last week I saw him very well and he could have already been called up, but there were other players with a little more rhythm, who had done the whole preseason, and we decided to go step by step. Not only the sensations that it gives us from the first days, but the numbers in training indicate that is in perfect condition to participate now“. Regarding his position in the field,” Pastore will grow and make us grow with respect to the ball. If we play like now, with three inside, where Fidel or Guti have played, one of those positions could be good for him. O if at any given moment we need him as a second striker to appear between the lines and filter good passes and he can serve us in many positions. And if we change the system, the same. He is a player who can be in a band and playing inside, do it as a double pivot…, it can do many functions. When one is good you can put it wherever you want, anywhere it will work for you “.

Regarding the good spirits of the fans, “I share this joy. I’m happy and I prefer that they are like this, but if there is something that can confuse the group, but is not going to happen, it would be euphoria. The group worked very seriously the day after Getafe, they have worked very well all week and are very calm, they know that tomorrow is another very difficult game and they know that even if we win, no one has ever heard me speak of tranquility and thinking about the next game . Anything else, I already say will confuse us, but I insist that this will not happen. ”

Exemplary club

Levante is a club “that has been doing things well in every way for many years, even now that they have remodeled their stadium they have done it in an incredible way. It is a club in which one notices growth year after year and with a stable template base, very good, a team with tremendous potential in a city like Valencia. It is an example for Elche. With the advantage that we have that we have no one to overshadow us. If we are able to keep this project growing, we can make a very nice project, but as in the case of Levante, step by step and starting from sports “.

Grow from “La defense Escribá”

Asked by “The defense Escribá”, the coach assured that “we can grow from behind. We have fitted little. And they have generated little for us. That way it is easier not to fit in. We are good from there. If we have a solid team, where we are better. We’ll be more offensive from there. Obviously we have more quality than last year and that will allow us to play more back-and-forth matches. But we must play from that defensive strength and, from there, we are going to generate much more football than we are generating, which in general we are doing quite a bit now. ”

For the Valencian coach, “no scheme, although it is working well for us, is fixed. The least expected day we can change it, as we did in Seville. Levante normally play 4-4-2, but can also play with a defense of 3. We are ready to play against any system and to adapt to our needs and to the rival at any moment of the game. I’m going to play with the best eleven thinking about each game. And eleven is hardly repeated. It would be illogical for us to play on Wednesday with the same eleven o’clock or tomorrow with the same one as on Monday ”.

Three games in a week

Elche starts a week tomorrow with three league games. Therefore, the coach points out that “16/18 players will participate easily in these encounters. Here are all the players engaged and with their hands raised waiting to play. If having a large and quality staff is going to help us, it is to be able to face weeks like the one that comes with three eleven guarantees “.


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