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Xi Jinping calls to “create conditions” for “direct dialogue” between kyiv and Moscow

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for Monday à "create conditions" for "direct dialogue" between Ukraine and Russia at war, during a meeting à Beijing with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

His surprise stay in the Chinese capital comes after a controversial visit Friday to Moscow, where the Hungarian leader spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the war in Ukraine.

Mr. Orban, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union (EU) for six months, bristled Budapest's European partners, who show unfailing support for Kiev and have cut ties with Russia since its invasion of 'Ukraine in February 2022.

Viktor Orban is the only leader in the EU to have remained close to the Kremlin.

The Hungarian leader was received by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who called for “creating the conditions” for a “direct dialogue” between warring Ukraine and Russia, according to comments reported by state television.

“Only when the major powers show positive energy, instead of negative energy, can this conflict see the glimmer of hope of a ceasefire as soon as possible,” Xi stressed.

Xi Jinping calls to “create conditions” for “direct dialogue” between kyiv and Moscow

Vladimir Putin (r) and Viktor Orban during a joint press conference at the Kremlin, in Moscow, July 5, 2024 © AFP – Alexander NEMENOV

China and Hungary fundamentally “share” the same ideas, the Chinese leader added.

Beijing and Budapest plead for a peaceful settlement of the conflict and maintain exchanges with the Kremlin.

China has always refused to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and published a document last year calling for a ” political resolution” of the conflict, which according to Western countries could allow Russia to keep a large part of the territory it took from Ukraine.

– ” Peace mission” –

The two men had already had the opportunity to speak privately in May during a state visit by Xi Jinping to Hungary .

On this occasion, the Chinese president praised an exemplary “strategic partnership” in the EU, calling on Hungary to play “a more important role” in the “development” of relations between Beijing and Brussels.

This visit to Beijing is, according to Mr. Orban, a “Peace Mission 3.0”, he wrote on the social network X.

< p> “Next stop: Washington,” he then announced on the social network Instagram. He will attend the NATO summit, organized from Tuesday to Thursday and which should once again be dominated by the question of the war in Ukraine.

Before Beijing and Moscow, Viktor Orban made a trip to kyiv on July 2, the first since the start of the conflict, to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Mr. Orban had called for a “ceasefire”, going against the positions of the Ukrainians and their European allies.

The Ukrainian leader rejected the idea , believing that it would benefit Moscow to strengthen itself.

Xi Jinping calls to “create conditions” for “direct dialogue” between kyiv and Moscow

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (d) and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, in kyiv, July 2, 2024 © AFP – Genya SAVILOV

kyiv demands the total withdrawal of Russian troops from the country, including from the Crimean peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014, and payment for damages caused since the invasion in February 2022.

Ukraine crucially needs Western help to resist Russia. Washington, its main supporter, announced an upcoming additional envelope of 2.3 billion dollars, notably for anti-aircraft defense systems.

The Hungarian Prime Minister stands out for his opposition to this assistance. At the start of the year, he vetoed an envelope of 50 billion euros from the EU, which was ultimately validated late.

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