Xi Jinping hints to Joe Biden that US will 'burn itself' on Taiwan issue


Xi Jinping hinted to Joe Biden that the US will

China's Secretary-General strongly protested US interference and stressed that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to China alone.

Today, July 28, at 8:33 am ET A telephone conversation took place between US President Joe Biden and Chinese Secretary General Xi Jinping, during which the leaders of the two countries discussed the tense situation around Taiwan. According to China Central Television, Xi Jinping strongly protested the United States' interference in the Taiwan issue, stating that “he who plays with fire will surely burn himself.“.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the history of the Taiwan issue, like the current situation, is clear – both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to China alone.

“We strongly oppose Taiwan's separatism and independence, as well as interference from outside forces. The Chinese government and Chinese people's stance on the Taiwan issue has been consistent, and more than 1.4 billion Chinese people are determined to resolutely defend China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the chairman said. PRC.

What Joe Biden said

According to PRC Central TV, the US President said that the situation in the world today is approaching a critical period. Therefore, cooperation between the two powers, the United States and China, is beneficial not only for their citizens, but also for the peoples of other countries. Biden expressed hope for strengthening mutual understanding between states, and said that Washington will avoid misunderstandings, erroneous judgments and disagreements.

Note that the call took place against the backdrop of a likely visit to Taiwan by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. According to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, if such a visit takes place, it “will be met with a strong response.”

However, Pelosi herself did not comment on information about her plans to visit Taiwan. According to the Associated Press, Pelosi declined to provide any details about her plans to visit Taiwan due to security concerns.


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