Xi warns Biden that Taiwan is “the first red line” not to cross

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This is how the meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping took place in secret at the G-20 summit

Xi warns Biden that Taiwan is

The Chinese side resorted to to the already liturgical formula of “candid, profound and constructive” to describe the first meeting between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden as heads of state, which occurred on the eve of the G-20 leaders' summit in Indonesian. In his summary of the meeting, which triples the length of that of the White House, the foreseeable purposes of understanding coexist with more substantive issues that suggest a certain weariness due to the disagreement between the discourse and the actions of the White House. .

And it doesn't take long for the most flammable matter to appear. Xi reportedly made it clear to Biden that Taiwan “is here to stay. It is at the core of China's interests, it is the touchstone of bilateral relations and the first red line that must not be crossed”. The Chinese statement added that stability and peace in the Formosa Strait and the independence of Taiwan they are concepts “as irreconcilable as fire and water” and hopes that Washington will align his speech with his words.

Biden insisted & oacute; So, US policy towards Taiwan has not changed. It is difficult to defend it if we look at the increased arms sales, the frequent visits of US representatives to the island, or the de facto retirement of the ambig&uuml ;strategic age, for making the short list. It breaks China that Washington crosses red lines that it had respected. Barely a few days had passed after the last presidential telephone chat in September, judged by both as “constructive,”, when Nancy Pelosi , Speaker of the House of Representatives, landed in New York. in Taipei and ruined the the weather. “President Biden has said on many occasions that the United States does not seek Taiwan independence nor does it intend to use Taiwan as a tool to seek advantage from or contain China. We hope that the United States fulfills its commitment & rdquor ;, affirms the US statement.  

He also took advantage of the Xi to vindicate China's right to go its own way. The United States chose capitalism and your country practices socialismXi recalls, and ventures that these differences will continue. ‚ÄúNeither party should try to reshape the other after itself or subvert the other's system. Instead of speaking one way and acting another, the United States must honor its promises with concrete actions,” Xi said in the second allusion to Washington's cynicism. It is not a minor issue because more and more political sectors present China as a threat to the free world and to the Communist Party as the primary enemy of the American people. 

Warnings Against a Trade War

Between the usual Chinese laments are the tripping of the country that sublimates the free market to its trade. Biden hasn't lifted Trump's mammoth tariffs, the Bali meeting comes on the heels of Washington's attempts to strangle China's semiconductor and chip industry and a Tiktok ban looms on the horizon. >. “Starting a trade or technology war, erecting walls and barriers, pushing for decoupling and damaging supply chains goes against the principles of the market economy and international standards,” Xi.

In the Chinese transcription, in short, compromises to get along and other predictable trifles are peppered with unusual criticisms in the aseptic diplomatic language. China has already taken over. Years ago, US hostility, commercial and diplomatic, is structural and does not depend on the occasional tenant of the White House. Presidential talks serve to prevent the situation from being hopelessly ruined, but no one in China expects a solid rapport to emerge from Bali .