Xi warns Biden that Taiwan is “the first red line” not to cross

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This is how the meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping at the G-20 summit was conceived in secret

Xi warns Biden that Taiwan is

 The Chinese president, Xi Jinping, warned this Monday to the homage of the American, Joe Biden, that Taiwan , which China claims as its own, is “the first red line that should not be crossed” and assured that he expects the US to “honor its promise” not to support an possible independence of the island.

“Taiwan is part of China's central interests, and they are It is the basis of political relations between China and the United States. This is the first red line that must not be crossed. Anyone who seeks to separate Taiwan from China will be violating the fundamental interests of China and the Chinese people. will never allow it.We hope to see peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, but peace and Taiwan's 'independence' are irreconcilable,” he said.

The Xi and Biden meet, their first in-person meeting as heads of state, elapsed The event will take place on the eve of the G20 leaders' summit, which will not be attended. Russian President Vladimir Putin, with the Ukraine war dominating much of the group's conversations. “Resolving the Taiwan question is a Chinese issue and China's internal issue . It is the common aspiration of the Chinese people to achieve national reunification and safeguard their territorial integrity” , continued Xi.

“One China”

The Chinese president said that he hopes that Washington will “honor its word” and “respect the one China policy and the three joint communiqu├ęs signed” by both. “They are the foundation of relations between our two countries,” he said.

Xi recalled that Biden has commented “on numerous occasions” that the US “does not support the independence of the island” and that Washington has no intention of “using Taiwan as a tool to gain an advantage in their competition with China or to contain China.” “We hope that the United States honors its promises and really puts all this into practice,” he added.

Tensions around Taiwan were exacerbated last August as a result of a trip to the island by the president of the US House of Representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, to which Beijing responded with with the largest military exercises around the island in decades, in addition to trade sanctions on Taipei.

The island is one of the biggest causes of conflict between China and the United States. United States, mainly because Washington is Taiwan's main arms supplier and would be its greatest military ally in the event of a war with China.

Taiwan -where did he retire? – the nationalist Chinese army after the defeat against the communist troops in the civil war – has been governed autonomously since 1949, although China claims sovereignty over the island, which it considers a rebellious province for whose reunification has not ruled out the use of force.