Xiaomi and Daniel Arsham shape an exclusive edition of Xiaomi 12T Pro

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Xiaomi and Daniel Arsham shape an exclusive edition of Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi has teamed up with well-known artist Daniel Arsham He went on to transform his latest international model, Xiaomi 12T Pro. Under the “Archaeology of the future” aesthetic, the artist condenses the textures of his sculptures full of obsolescence and natural erosions into a 'smartphone'. As he explains: “I am always interested in sharing my work in fields far from the typical art world settings. I boarded The Xiaomi 12T Pro design as a sculpture with a greater function than being a simple object; In 20 years, people who have this phone will no longer use it. Not as a telephone but as a sculptural object, linked to a particular moment in time and taking it one step further than that of a telephone. of its functionality& rdquor;

By creating and exploring new perspectives on the relationship between each of these sculptures and the everyday device, the Xiaomi 12T Pro, the artist manages to create a timeless object of fictional archeology outside of museums and galleries. All this process can be perceived from the design that this new 'flagship' device presents, to the tactile and physical sensation that it transmits to the user. 

Xiaomi promotes this collaboration with the ‘zeitgeist’ Daniel Arsham, imagining a future of digital dematerialization in a fictitious archaeological vision, but without losing his core values ​​of innovation, design and production: “Daniel's work often plays with the concept of time, not only of the future but of history. As a company with innovation at its core, time is our most precious asset, and it is what we are willing to trade for quality and technology. This collaboration is not just a 'smartphone' but advanced technology used to update the artist's design. We believe that it will be It will be an exciting product for today's people, and it will continue to grow. “It has been an interesting and collectible piece for decades,” they say from Xiaomi. 


This Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition has a limited 2,000 units for Europe, it will come to Spain at a price of €899.99.