Xiaomi has developed a gadget for locating hidden cameras

Xiaomi разработала гаджет для поиска скрытых видеокамер

New gadget Xiaomi will help prevent unwanted covert surveillance

Privacy is a serious issue in the digital age. Now you can place the spy camera in a hotel room or even in a public toilet and share personal content on the web with the aim of making a profit. Did important scanning the room for hidden cameras. One of the companies ecological network Xiaomi has released multifunction infrared detector Smoovie. The gadget costs $ 14.

Multifunctional infrared detector Smoovie comes with built-in IC chip three-dimensional vibration sensor. The sensor is very sensitive, so it can be used as a device that protects against theft and loss. In this case, the user just need to attach it to a valuable asset. Then, the gadget vibrates and sounds an alarm to effectively prevent the loss of the subject, according to comments.ua.

Infrared detector equipped with a lithium battery 230 mAh battery supports charging via USB, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacement. The battery is also durable, it can be used continuously for 24 hours on a single charge mode of the camera detector. If the device is transferred to the alarm mode, it can be used continuously for 72 hours.

When launching a function, infrared scanning, the first thing the user must turn the side power switch. The second step is short press the function key to enter the mode of infrared scanning. The eyes should be close to the window of detection. In the third step, you can briefly press the function key to adjust the flashing frequency of the red led or to turn it off. The fourth step is scanning the environment and observing the red dot to find suspicious items.

To turn on alarm, you must enable the side the power button and then press and hold the function button for 2 seconds to enter the alarm mode. Press for 2 seconds also switches to sleep mode.

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