Yes, there is an Excel world champion, and he is Australian

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Yes, there is a world champion in Excel, and he is Australian

Excel software is a useful accounting tool, but it is also considered an electronic sport by many.

Did you know that Excel workbooks could be the scene of an electronic sport? The accountant's favorite software is the subject of a world-class financial modeling tournament every year, and defending champion Andrew Ngai successfully defended his title in the grand finale on Saturday.


No less than 128 Excel enthusiasts from Denmark, Germany and Argentina have crossed swords in recent weeks at the Microsoft Excel World Championship, supported by no one other than Microsoft.

Each round, participants had 30 minutes to practice on the Microsoft software. The winners of each of the 126 duels were determined based on the quality of their financial models, using a points system.

Michael Jarman, the Canadian favorite, reached the semi-final, before losing to Australian Matthew Fried. The latter was later beaten by Andrew Ngai, also Australian, in the final broadcast live on YouTube.

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It's still an honorable result for Michael Jarman, who finished second last year, again behind binder magician Andrew Ngai.< /p>

A Canadian wins a tournament on Microsoft Excel

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