Yle survey: Kokoumus still the most popular party, SDP's support rose to over 20 percent


The Kokoomus has lost its popularity in the summer, but is still at the top in Yle's support survey.

Ylen poll: Kokoomus still the most popular party, SDP's support rose to over 20 percent

Kokoomus' support is now measured at 23.4 percent . In the photo, the chairman of the party, Petteri Orpo. Henri Kärkkä[email protected] at 8:02 a.m.

According to the support survey published by Yle on Thursday, the coalition is still clearly the most popular party. The latest measurement gives the coalition 23.4 percent support.

The party's support decreased by 0.3 percentage points from the previous measurement. In the spring term, the coalition's support was at its best at 26 percent.

Economics Research Manager Tuomo Turja says in Yle's story that he still considers support to be unusually high.

– Such a long and clear lead over other parties is quite exceptional, Turja says to Yle.

The gap with the second-placed SDP has narrowed a little. The survey now gives the Prime Minister's Party 20.3 percent support. Turja estimates that the uproar between Fortum and Uniper has had no effect on the party's support.

The center has lost support

Basic Finns are the third largest party in the survey with 16.1 percent support. The number increased from the previous measurement by 0.8 percentage points.

The support for the center continues to decrease, now standing at 11 percent. In April, the party's support was 2.5 percentage points higher in Yle's support survey.

– The coalition has taken voters from the center. On the other hand, the support of basic Finns has been on the rise during the summer. The research shows that the support of the center also flows to basic Finns, Turja estimates.

Furthermore, in the most recent support survey, the support of the Greens is 9.3 percent (a change from the previous survey -0.4), the Left Alliance's 8.1 ( +0.3), RKP's 4.4 (-0.2), KD's 3.0 (-0.3), Liike Nytin 2.2 (+0.1) and others 2.2 (+ 0.3).

The data for the Yle measurement was collected between July 6, 2022 and August 2, 2022, and 2,831 people were interviewed. Yle reports a margin of error of 1.8 percentage points in its direction.

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