Yoshua Bengio enters the Antidote dictionary

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Yoshua Bengio makes its entry in the Antidote dictionary

Yoshua Bengio is the scientific director of Mila, a Montreal artificial intelligence research institute.

After Le Petit Larousse illustré 2023 this summer, it's it's the turn of the Antidote dictionary to add a short biography of Yoshua Bengio, Montreal scientist and international authority in artificial intelligence (AI).

Computer Druid, owner of the bilingual grammar software Antidote, made the announcement at the MAIN(Montréal Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience) conference held at the University of Montreal earlier this week.

The Quebec company, which also publishes the keyboard typing learning software Tap'Touche, indicated in a press release that it wanted to celebrate the professor's major contribution to the field of AI.

“By this entry in the Antidote dictionary, Druid recognizes a great scientist and a great humanist.

— A spokesperson for Computer Druid

The Antidote dictionary defines Yoshua Bengio as: Quebec computer scientist and researcher specializing in artificial intelligence (AI), pioneer of deep learning. His laboratory, founded in 1993, became the Mila Institute (Québec Institute of Artificial Intelligence) in 2015. His contribution has been fundamental to progress in several areas of AI application. Concerned about the ethical issues of AI, he contributed to the Montreal Declaration for the responsible development of artificial intelligence. 2018 Turing Award.

Antidote software users will be able to find Yoshua Bengio's definition by entering “Bengio” in the search bar.

Yoshua Bengio's work on deep learning, which he carries out in particular with the institute of which he is the founder, has contributed to the evolution of the grammatical software Antidote since 2016 , from Computer Druid.

The eleventh version of the software, launched in 2021, uses deep learning technology with its new neural engine which allows, among other things, the insertion of missing words.

The director Mila scientist is not his first recognition of its kind this year. In June, the dictionary Le Petit Larousse illustré 2023 added Yoshua Bengio to the personalities accompanied by a definition.

The definition of Yoshua Bengio in “Le Petit Larousse illustré 2023”

At the beginning of the year, the scientist won the Legion of Honor, the most high French distinction. This summer, he also received the Spanish Princess of Asturias Prize, along with three scientific colleagues.

[These recognitions] can help increase the influence and the message that we can send as a researcher, he said this summer.

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