“You are a finished creature!” – Prytula cruelly answered the prankster


May 15, 2017, 09:52 | Culture

Ten years ago Vitaliy Sedyuk joined the program "Pydyom"

"You are a finished creature!&quot ; - Prytula brutally responded to the prankster

Famous Ukrainian TV presenter, actor Serhiy Prytula told how he once raised a prankster who staged a naked show at the grand final of Eurovision 2017, reports Ukr.Media.

The showman shared a very interesting story on the Facebook social network.

According to his story, ten years ago, the newly minted "star" song contest Vitaliy Sedyuk came to the program "Pydyom" on "New channel" as an intern. He turned out to be the best candidate – handsome, tall, athletic, sociable, fluent in English. Without thinking long, the producers decided to take him as a journalist in the program.

"But there was still one more stage of checking for lice. Guarantee! After all, what is on the mind of a sober person is on the tongue of a drunk! The guy then failed the exam: he drank my cognac, which the journalist girls carefully kept until the moment when I finished leading the corporate party and joined the feast, got drunk like a little pig, began to flirt with a Novokanal beauty ineptly and, when he was left by the broken trough, poured one with water from a bottle, – wrote Prytula.

In addition, after a bit of “thinking,'' the intern wanted to beat the presenter Oleksandr Pedan, turning to his regular colleague with a proposal.

"I took him out, put him under a tree and punched him. No, not in the face. Just like hitting the nail on the head with a hammer, in a boyish way. When this fool was twirling his naked ass in front of Jamala yesterday, I was very sorry… I regretted that I didn't give enough to that stupid head then. Vitalik, you are an idiot! You are just a finished being. A piece of mutton!" – added the showman.


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