“You are no longer a princess.” Danish Prince Joachim complains that his children are being bullied at school

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The prince's ten-year-old daughter Athena was stripped of her royal titles by her grandmother, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

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Queen Margrethe of Denmark has announced that her four grandchildren, the children of her youngest son, Prince Joachim, are being stripped of their royal titles and will no longer be called princes and princesses from January 1, 2023. They will have only the title of earl of Monpeza. It turned out that now the younger children of Joachim are bullied at school because of the decision of their grandmother. Writes about this Daily Mail.

Prince Joachim said that his 10-year-old daughter, still Princess Athena, was very upset. Because the other kids at her school in Paris are now bullying her.

“They come and say to Athena: are you no longer a princess?,” Prince Joachim and his wife Marie told reporters.

They promised to protect their youngest children: Henrik and Athena, but the whole story with the deprivation of titles has already become public, so it was not easy.

The titles were also lost by the eldest sons of Joachim from his first marriage: Prince Nicholas and Prince Felix.

Joachim noted that he was notified of his mother's decision five days in advance. And she did it not personally, but through her assistants. Now the relationship in the once close-knit Danish royal family has “complicated”.

“The children were put up for public discussion, in a very short time. This means that we, as parents, did not have time to prepare them for change and people's reactions,” said Prince Joachim and his wife.

Joachim, who works as a military attaché at the Danish embassy in Paris, has not yet spoken to his older brother, Crown Prince Frederik. He hasn't talked to his mother either.

But Frederick's wife, Crown Princess Mary, has already expressed her support for her mother-in-law, saying that while “change can be extremely difficult and can be detrimental, that doesn't mean it's wrong.” “.

Queen Margrethe, breaking the news, said it would be of “benefit to her grandchildren in the future”. Their parents claim that their grandmother “robbed them of their identity”.

They are currently ranked seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth, but will move down if any of Crown Prince Frederick's children have children.