You can no longer share your Netflix password with your loved ones for free: the service will charge for it

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Netflix is ​​stepping up its efforts to get more viewers of the streaming service to pay to watch content. The company will start charging accounts for password sharing early next year. It will create a system that will charge for additional account members to your plan. CNET writes about this.

You can no longer share for free password from Netflix with your loved ones: the service will take money for this

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The company does not clarified the price for such users. But the scheme is already being tested in several countries in Latin America, where each additional member is charged at roughly one quarter the cost of a “standard” Netflix plan.

If the company sticks to this practice, each additional U.S. account will cost $3.50-$4.

After several years of relative laissez-faire on password sharing, Netflix fixed the biggest loss of subscribers, began to test ways to make public accounts pay for it. In addition to paying for password exchanges, the company plans to launch a cheaper subscription plan with ads.

Netflix's dominance in video streaming (not to mention years of steady subscriber growth) has spurred nearly every major Hollywood media company to pour billions of dollars into their own streaming operations. These so-called streaming wars have sparked a wave of new services, including Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Peacock and Paramount Plus.

Now, sensing the heat of intensifying competition for attention and subscriptions, Netflix is ​​pursuing strategies it has abandoned for years.

The company said on Monday that that launch the profile transfer feature, which is a key component of the password sharing board tested in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. This feature allows a profile created on a shared Netflix account to transfer their browsing history and recommendations to a new independent account. This new account can then be added to anyone's Standard or Premium plan.