You can now play Doom in Doom II


You can now play Doom in Doom II

A user found a way to transform a wall in “Doom 2” into the interface of the game “Doom”.

Internet users like to get creative with Doom, a first-person shooter released in 1993.

Players have successfully implemented it in a large number of objects and platforms: you can play it on a printer, on an ATM or even in the title Minecraft.

The youtubeur kgsws wanted to push back the limits of retro gaming by integrating it into Doom II, the second title in the series released in 1994.

To do this, he used a breach in the Doom II codes allowing him to add the original game to the wall of a world he created himself. -same.

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Both games work independently of each other, kgsws explained in a YouTube video.

This means you need twice as much memory. I recommend you have at least 16MB of RAM , he jokes, to illustrate that games from the 1990s require very little computational power compared to modern games.< /p>

For fans of computers and the Doom series, kgsws has made available the codes he used, in addition to explaining the procedure in detail in his video.

With information from Engadget


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