You have a good reason to install Windows 11, if you have an iPhone

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Microsoft offers iCloud integration on the Windows 11 Photos app.

You have a good reason to install Windows 11, if you have an iPhone

Still hesitating to install Windows 11 on your PC? You may decide, finally, thanks to this novelty recently announced by Microsoft. At least, if you have an iPhone.

Since the Redmond company no longer offers an operating system for smartphones, it is now trying to offer the best possible integration between PCs under Windows, and smartphones under Android or iOS.

And recently, the firm announced a new feature for Windows 11 that will allow you to have your photos stored in iCloud directly on the Photos application on your computer.

“iCloud Photos is now integrated directly into the Photos app on Windows 11 and begins rolling out today via a Microsoft Store update to the Photos app. We expect it to be available to all Windows 11 customers by the end of the month”, says Microsoft.

To take advantage of this new feature, you must make sure to have the latest version of the Windows 11 Photos app. You also need to install the iCloud for Windows app from the Microsoft Store. Then, all you have to do is log in, sync the photos, then the iCloud Photos content will automatically appear in the Microsoft app.

You have a good reason to install Windows 11, if you have an iPhone

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Obviously, if it doesn't work right away, you just have to wait, since Microsoft has talked about a gradual rollout.

In any case, this kind of feature can save you time when you need to use a photo taken by your iPhone on your computer.

New features for Android

Of course, if you need good synchronization between your iPhone and your computer, the best is to use an iPhone with a Mac, or an Android device with a Chromebook.

However, for users of certain Samsung models, it should be noted that Windows already offers a lot of synchronization features, via its Phone Link application. As a reminder, this app is available for all Android models.

But Microsoft has a special relationship with Samsung, which means that certain Phone Link features are reserved for Samsung Galaxy models. Moreover, recently, we discovered that Microsoft is developing a new feature of this app which will probably be reserved for models from the Korean giant. This will make it easier to share the internet connection between smartphone and PC.

On the other hand, according to a recent article by our colleagues from Windows Latest, Microsoft is developing a new function to broadcast the audio stream an Android smartphone on Windows.

Another function, also under development, would allow browsing history to be shared with the default browser of Samsung smartphones.

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