You season 4: release, cast, trailer, rumors…

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Season 3 of YOU was released on Netflix on October 15, 2021, since you can't wait for season 4? Here's all the information we know about it.

It's almost a year since season 3 of You >with Penn Badgley is out and you would like to know if the adventures of the psychopath Joe Goldberg will continue in a next season? Here you will find all the latest information about You season 4 release date, cast, synopsis, filming, rumors.

Warning! Season 3 spoilers!

Is You season 4 confirmed?

Netflix confirmed via posts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on October 13, 2021 that a season 4 was well under way. The streaming platform even showed full confidence in its program. The sober caption read:“We're renewing You even before Season 3 is out.”

What Season 4 will be about from the Serie ?

Sera Gamble, executive producer of the series, spoke in a statement about wanting to go further in portraying Joe's perverted view of love:

“Reading Caroline Kepnes' novel, Greg [Berlanti, the showrunner] and I were instantly obsessed with Joe Goldberg and his twisted view of the world. And it was thrilling to see Penn [Bagdley] bring Joe to life in such a scary and gripping. We are deeply grateful that Netflix has shown us such monumental support, and that people around the world have enjoyed watching Joe go wrong through three seasons. The entire You team is excited to explore new dark sides to love in season 4.”

With the ending of season 3 of You , we know that Joe is now in Paris, will the series take place entirely there? Probably not, but we should see him trying to evade the authorities. The fact that he abandoned his son to his neighbors could also be a point addressed in this season 4. In addition, Joe's impulses should not calm down especially now that he is closer to Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) with whom he is in love.

We nevertheless hope that season 4 will renew the rather repetitive formula of the series and will bring new challenges and twists.

What do we know about the cast?

It is obvious that Penn Badgley will return to the role of Joe, which he has played since season one. The one who interprets his wife Love Quinn, Victoria Pedretti, should not come back in You since she ended up grilling in the barbecue of her house. But we are not immune to seeing it in flashbacks, or in any other way to haunt Joe.

Netflix also communicated on its networks the arrival of a new character interpreted by Lukas Gage (Euphoria) which the platform described as follows: “In You season 4, Gage plays Adam, the warm, fun, partying son of a wealthy family, who is notorious for not living up to their expectations. But the one thing he learned from her parents is to do whatever it takes to get what you want.”

Charlotte Ritchie also joins the cast of Youas Kate, an art gallery manager who has had her doubts about Joe since she first met him, as the actress tells Digital Spy: “They don't like each other. It doesn't isn't like some kind of…it's a pretty late development in their story. But she's basically extremely suspicious of him and really doesn't like him at first.”

Other actors and actresses swell the cast in supporting roles like Tilly Keeper (Kate's friend), Amy-Leigh Hickman (a literature student) and Ed Speelers (an exuberant author and politician).

What do we know about the set?

Filming for Season 4 of You began on March 22, 2022 in France, and on April 1, 2022, Netflix announced that Season 4 of You began filming in London.

feeling YOU-4-ic. YOU Season 4 is now in production.

— YOU (@YouNetflix) March 22, 2022

Where can we see the trailer?

There is currently no You season 4 trailer, however Netflix released a video announcing the news season.

When will season 4 be released?

Netflix has announced that the first part of season 4 of You will land on Netflix on February 10, 2023. Part 2 will arrive a month later, on March 10, 2023.

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