You will be able to customize your “For You” feed using keywords on TikTok


You will be able to customize your “For You” feed using tags on TikTok

TikTok offers new ways to personalize its feed.

TikTok wants to make it easier to personalize the feed “For you”, which offers content to its users based on their preferences, allowing them to remove videos associated with the keywords and hashtags of their choice.

Thus, a person who has used TikTok to discover renovation tips, but who has completed the work in his house, can block the keyword renovation in order to reduce the amount of content related to this theme in his feed.

Same thing for someone who is used to using the platform to discover recipes, but does not like certain types of cuisine.

Functionality will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Enlarge image

Here is an example of hashtag filters.

TikTok is also launching a new feature called Content levels, aimed at keeping mature content away from the feeds of people under 18.

The platform therefore wishes to identify videos dealing with complex themes or intended for a more mature audience, such as a fictional scene that is too scary or intense for young audiences, and assign them a rating in order to decide whether they will be broadcast audience under the age of 18.

A first version of this system will be deployed in the coming weeks.

Note that the sexually explicit content, violent scenes, or core videos showing illicit substances are prohibited on TikTok.


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