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You will soon be able to chat on WhatsApp without even installing the application, we explain how

Send a message to a person on WhatsApp while you are on Messenger, Telegram or another app, it will soon be possible…

Thunderclap within messaging applications. Several major new features are planned within the WhatsApp application, the most used in France and in the world. These major developments should in particular allow users to take advantage of the 39;application… without needing to install it on their smartphone! We explain to you how such a thing is possible.

Even if there has been no official announcement on the subject, the WABetaInfo site, a real reference ;reference on current events and the secrets of WhatsApp, revealed that a big upgrade A day was preparing, making it possible to make the Méta application compatible with other messaging services on smartphones.

This evolution is the result of new European regulations, forcing the Web giants to adapt. make some of their services “interoperable”, in other words compatible with each other. For users, this should above all facilitate communications and avoid saturating phones with applications.

Concretely, a person who is on Messenger or Telegram will be able to send a message to that person. a WhatsApp user, without having an account and even without downloading the application. Your interlocutor will then receive your message on WhatsApp and will also be able to respond to it by sending you a message which you will also receive on your own application (iMessage, Signal, Telegram…).

More or less security on WhatsApp?

Rest at know when this update update will be available to users. If it is not yet functional at the moment, the time when As we write these lines, it is already there. visible in the widgets and menus present in the WhatsApp source code (in beta), as several developers have pointed out. Enough to plan for an upgrade quick layout.

But a question arises about this new version of WhatsApp, which regularly causes debate about security. and user data protection: will messages shared with other apps be end-to-end encrypted, as is currently the case with the app? ;? According to the WABetaInfo site which has the source code for the update; Today, the answer is yes. “End-to-end” encryption which should reassure users like those of other soon-to-be compatible apps.

Teilor Stone

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