“You won’t win the war like that”: Hungarian Prime Minister called on the EU to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine


Viktor Orban condemned the provision of precision Western artillery to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and spoke out against anti-Russian sanctions.

< p>Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called on the European Union to stop arming Ukraine and reconsider its strategy for dealing with Russia's invasion. He commented on the situation at the annual meeting with supporters in Baile Tusnad, Romania, Bloomberg reports.

During his speech, Viktor Orban condemned the supply of Western artillery systems to Ukraine after the words of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about the seizure of new Ukrainian territories . The Hungarian Prime Minister believes that Russia only requires a guarantee of its security.

According to Reuters, Viktor Orban tried to convince listeners that Ukraine could not win the war because of the “asymmetric superiority” of the Russian army. He also said that sanctions against Russia do not work, and Hungary does not support EU restrictions on Russian gas imports, because this will undermine the Hungarian economy.

According to Orban, the Western strategy towards Ukraine is based on four conditions: Ukraine can win the war with Russia with NATO weapons, sanctions will weaken Russia and take away its advantages, sanctions will hurt Russia more than Europe, and that the rest of the world will support the fight against the aggressor. The plans failed as one after another the governments of European countries resign, and energy prices have risen dramatically.

“We are sitting in a car with all four tires punctured: it is clear that this is not the way to win the war” the politician said. “A new strategy is needed that should focus on peace negotiations and reaching good peace agreements instead of winning the war.”

He suggests that the likelihood of peace between Kyiv and Moscow is zero, so the conflict can be resolved only through peace talks between the US and Russia, providing the latter with security guarantees.

Last week, Viktor Orban criticized EU sanctions against Russia. According to him, if the restrictions are not lifted, the European economy will be destroyed.

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that the Hungarian army could enter the war in Ukraine to protect the Hungarians in Transcarpathia. According to the official, such a development of events is possible if the front line reaches the western Ukrainian regions.


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