“Young Guard” removed from the sale of the work of Boris Akunin. In response, the Zakharov publishing house withdrew all its books from the store.

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The Molodaya Gvardiya bookstore in Moscow has removed Boris Akunin's book from sale. In response to this, the Zakharov publishing house withdrew all its books from the store.

We inform our readers and partners that the Young Guard store decided not to wait for a decree/order/order to remove books from the shelves from above Boris Akunin, whom they once loved so much, and, having shown remarkable will, he himself made this bold decision in every sense. We also decided not to lag behind and, along with the books of the above-named author, took away from them all the other books published by us. To disappear is to disappear. So there will never be any more of our books in the “Young Guard” in Polyanka. Even if the sun comes up. The doctor said: “To the morgue”, then to the morgue,

— According to a statement published on the official page of the publishing house in the social network “VKontakte”.

There are no announcements on the website and social networks of the “Young Guard” about the removal of Akunin's books from sale, however, his works do not appear in the electronic catalog of the store .

Recall that Boris Akunin (“Leviathan”, “Azazel”) openly opposes the military special operation in Ukraine. Recently, the writer spoke out in support of his colleague Dmitry Glukhovsky, who was put on the federal wanted list.

The writer wrote what he thinks about what is happening. They want to put the writer in jail for this. <…> A worthy person and an excellent writer,

— Akunin wrote on his Facebook page*.

Earlier, Akunin spoke out against the cultural isolation of Russia, which began after the conflict in Ukraine.

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