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Your cell phone may be sending premium text messages without you realizing it

Increasingly common, fake SMS scams continue to claim new victims. Sending premium-rate messages is one of them.

They are the ordeal of banks and many French people are confronted with them. Scams of all kinds are spreading at a speed that overwhelms us and leave traces behind them. Whether they are physical, cybercrime, extortion, blackmail and threats via email address, messages or telephone canvassing, there are many scams on the internet. The digital age has its share of responsibility in the emergence of these new fraudulent activities.

But in recent times, a new form of scam has emerged. to users: premium SMS messages sent to users without the knowledge of telephone service subscribers. They come from hacked mobile phones with unknown numbers. Lately, users have been complaining on internet forums and online forums. UFC-Que Choisir, concerning numerous surcharged SMS messages present on their invoices.

Your cell phone may be sending premium text messages without you realizing it

These overcharged messages, users were convinced: neither they nor anyone in their family was affected by them. the origin. In the space of around twenty minutes, however, no less than 19 messages were sent to numbers ;billed between 20 cents and 4.50 euros for the message that could appear on their invoice. And some users had the unpleasant surprise of discovering an increase of 20%. 40 euros of this one.

At the time of the events, the victims shared the same thing in common: they were using an iPhone "jailbreaké" ( in French çais "débridé") soè Avoid any protection. The trail of piracy linked to when downloading an unofficial application, i.e. outside the dedicated application stores ;es, &eac;was the most likely. Thus, it is from the latter that the sending of all these messages would come.

How çit works ? Once your phone is hacked, malicious people can attack your phone. The origin of this infection will simply control your device. without your knowledge. They will then send premium rate SMS messages from your smartphone. It It is generally impossible to get around  counts since the virus à the origin of these manipulations will immediately delete them and leave no trace of the said SMS in your history.

If in doubt, you should analyze the history of your messages sent and your various mobile data bills.  If these turn out to be much higher than they should be , your phone may send text messages to you. without your knowledge! Make sure you don't have a loved one who can access your phone. your phone (a child, a parent, etc.) and sends messages behind your back. If despite everything, you think you have been? hacked To send premium SMS messages, we advise you to go to an approved repairer.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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