Your chosen symbol will tell you what phase of life you are!

Выбранный вами символ расскажет, на какой жизненной фазе вы находитесь!

When we go through different stages of life, our identities changed in different ways. It is an integral part of the human experience and none of us can avoid this, even when we really will try. Some can get stuck in one phase longer than others. Interestingly, these life-periods/phases do not depend on the age of the person. Carl Jung, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst from Switzerland and one of the most influential figures in psychology, tells us that these phases depend on our personalities and paths that we must take.

To find out what life phase you are now, choose one! Trust your intuition, and your subconscious will tell you!

Symbol No. 1

You are still at an immature phase. Features that often occur in people who are in this phase is arrogance and narcissism. This is the time when people are too worried about their appearance and figure, and nothing else matter for them. Because of their immaturity, people at this stage live as though the universe revolves around them.

Ironically, though, narcissism is a key feature of this phase is also present here-criticism and lack of self-esteem. Although these are two extremes but they go hand in hand during this phase. These people constantly think about their appearance. Usually people in adolescence are at this stage, but there are Mature people on this Tapa, which brought as daffodils.

Symbol No. 2

This is the last phase in this life, and this phase of spirit, the spiritual phase. Now we understand that throughout the world there is something more than what we see in this material world. Although wealth, relationships, beautiful material objects and success is important, at this stage, the spirituality begins to dominate over everything else. Now, more than ever, you feel your connection with the Universe.

Our oneness with omnipresent Spirit slowly expands in our minds, and we realize that we are just energy beings that travel in space. Because we are made of energy, life has no beginning and no end. When you immerse yourself in deep spiritual peace, you will find that want to teach and guide others so they too can go to this spiritual life stage. This is the end, but it is also a new and joyful beginning.

Symbol No. 3

Then people usually move to the phase of the warrior. At this stage a growing maturity, as people learn that they are responsible for the consequences of their own actions and recognize their responsibility to others. Phase warrior starts when training begins. We learn to apply the knowledge we have to improve ourselves and the world around us. Some of the lessons can be difficult, but they are still necessary.

Success, ambition and momentum to achieve their goals characterize this phase. Gradually our plans for the future are beginning to crystallize, and we experience great personal growth.

Character No. 4

This phase of life, which is designed to bring our own offspring into this world. In the previous step, you learned how to take responsibility for themselves and for others, so now is the time to take responsibility for a new life.

At this point, you realize the importance of leaving a legacy that can be proud of. It is therefore time to examine all of your past accomplishments and how they have influenced your life and especially the lives of your loved ones. Although you want your children to be a source of pride for you, you also want to be sure that you will be a father/mother that they will be proud of and you are ready to make the necessary changes to the way it was!

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