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Your old smartphones can still be worth several hundred euros, here are some models ;the highly sought-after

“Your old smartphones can still be worth several hundred euros, here are some highly sought-after models”

Few people suspect it, but some of our old TVs can still be worth several hundred euros. Phones can increase in value over the years! This may be the case with one of your devices that is sitting in one of your cupboards.

That we have data to transfer or prefer to keep a device aside. “Just in case,” the reasons for storing an old phone are numerous and legitimate. But did you know that some of our old smartphones can quickly fetch several hundred euros on the internet? This is an observation that is increasingly observed. on various resale platforms like eBay or LeBonCoin, and you could well have one of these little treasures at home.

Ben Wood, founder of the site "The Mobile Phone Museum" (editor’s note: "the smartphone museum" in French) spoke à this subject in recent weeks. He explains in particular that he observed an increase in auction sites in recent years: "more and more people are interested in auction sites. the collection of old tech items. As a big collector of old devices, Ben Wood adds that"we see more and more stories about about old smartphones that sell for several hundred euros […] some old mobiles are becoming so rare that they can easily go for a few thousand euros."< /em>

This phenomenon is particularly easy to detect. Note for older iPhone models. The older the version, the more likely it is to be sought after by collectors. It is possible to check the value of an old device by going to sites like eBay or LeBonCoin where you can check the value of an old device. Several phones are being auctioned and offered.

Your old smartphones can still be worth several hundred euros, here are some highly sought-after models

The first copies of the iPhone are highly sought after. © eBay

Among the most convincing examples in this area, it is difficult not to think of the very first iPhone.Launched In 2007, this old phone revolutionized its use. our modes of communication, and it is not surprising to see several models for sale on the web. quite high prices. Other smartphones that were particularly popular in their time are also still in demand. This is particularly the case with the Huawei P30 Pro, the company's latest phone to offer. have Google services before the ban in the United States. This is always displayed at a glance. several hundred euros on LeBonCoin almost 4 years after its release.

Ben Wood also discusses other even older smartphones. the image of theMotorola DynaTAC 8000X released in 1983: "this is the very first mobile phone!" which explains its value today and a recent sale of a copy to more than 2000 euros on eBay a year ago. The expert adds that today there are several highly sought-after smartphone references on online auction sites. Among the latter, we notably include several devices from Nokia and Motorola. Here are some of the best-selling smartphones on online auction sites in recent years:

Your old smartphones can still be worth several hundred euros, here are some highly sought-after models

© ProtectYourBubble

Do you recognize one of your old phones in this list? Don't hang around any longer and quickly take it out of your cupboard to check that it still works!"Some collectors can only focus on the design of the product […] but others make a point of honoring the design of the product […] have the original packaging with all the accessories of the time”, which can represent a big challenge as our devices have the unfortunate habit of seeing their condition deteriorate over the years. Ben Wood adds that relatively recent models like the iPhone 7 (released in 2016) can also still interest part of the public if their condition is still good and the head is ready. the phone is still in working order.

To conclude on this study, Ben Wood specifies that users should never throw away their old smartphones: &quot It is often more interesting to store them in a drawer and take them out to put them up for sale on auction sites. If you don't want to bother with that, it's best to do this. What you can do is still drop them off at a collection and recycling center near you !"

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