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You're Buying a New Smartphone ? Here's the Detail That Can Change Everything

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RAM has always been important for a smartphone. However, with the race for artificial intelligence, this component becomes even more important. Now when you buy a new mobile, you need to make sure that it has high RAM. Indeed, if the device has too little, it risks being incompatible with future updates based on generative artificial intelligence. In a recent article, our colleagues at Android Authority even recommend choosing a smartphone that has at least 12 GB of RAM.

A good processor is no longer enough

Currently, when you use ChatGPT, your prompts are sent to OpenAI's servers, and then those servers send the AI ​​response back to your device. So, you don't need to own an ultra-powerful smartphone to take advantage of this technology. However, the next evolution of generative AI is to run artificial intelligence models directly on your smartphone. Apple Intelligence, for example, relies in part on this local mode of operation, which ensures better protection of sensitive data.

As for Google, it has developed a model called Gemini Nano which is small enough to work locally on certain smartphones. But, the problem is that for these models to work locally on a smartphone, the device must have a good processor, but also a lot of RAM.

For example, if the iPhone 15 is incompatible with Apple Intelligence, it would be because of insufficient RAM memory. Indeed, its processor is normally more powerful than those of the M1 Macs, which are compatible with Apple Intelligence. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 only has 6 GB of RAM, while a recent Mac has, at least, 8 GB of RAM. Google also had a similar problem, since its Gemini Nano model was initially only compatible with the Pixel 8 Pro, but not with the Pixel 8.

These two models use the same Google Tensor processor. However, while the Pixel 8 Pro has a RAM of 12 GB of RAM, the Pixel 8 only has 8 GB of RAM. The good news is that Google later found a way to make the Pixel 8 compatible with Gemini Nano. But in any case, this illustrates the importance of RAM for running artificial intelligence locally.

Towards general evolution

In any case, it should not be surprising if, in the coming months, there is an increase in the RAM memory that smartphone manufacturers integrate into their products. Indeed, artificial intelligence will become the new argument from manufacturers to encourage you to buy a new smartphone. However, certain features can only be offered if the device has sufficient RAM memory. For example, it would not be surprising if Apple, this year, equips all its devices with at least 8 GB of RAM, so that no model in the iPhone 16 series is deprived of Apple Intelligence.
In any case, an explosion in sales of smartphones integrating AI is already anticipated. IDC predicts, for example, that this year, 170 million new generation smartphones, called “AI smartphones”, will be shipped. This would represent 15% of the smartphone market.

  • RAM is as important as CPU power to run generative AI-based features
  • It would be, for example, because of insufficient RAM memory that the iPhone 15 is incompatible with Apple Intelligence
  • And the Pixel 8 was almost deprived of the Gemini Nano model because of its RAM memory of only 8 GB

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