Youth centers have been 'underfunded for too long'

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Youth centers have been “underfunded for too long”

The 25th Youth House Week is held from October 10 to 16 .

With a lack of funding and staff, youth centers in Quebec have difficulty accomplishing their mission. The 25th Youth Center Week is an opportunity for them to cry from the heart to the Legault government.

For more than 40 years, the youth centers of Quebec have taught young people about civic participation in addition to doing prevention and promoting health and well-being with them.

It is a living environment, a place where teenagers aged 12 to 18 gather at lunchtime or after school. It's a place that looks like them and they are accompanied by professionals where there is a diversified program, recalls the director general of the Regroupement des maison des jeunes du Québec, Nicholas Legault.

According to the latter, it would take $68 million more to make these places work properly. Currently, each youth center receives an average of $130,000 per year. We have been chronically underfunded for too long. In the current context where there is a labor shortage, we are far from being competitive in our community organizations.

“ Little is said about education outside the school environment. The youth centers are another response to our teenagers to support them. »

— Nicholas Legault, Executive Director of the Regroupement des maison des jeunes du Québec

Mr. Legault adds that with the pandemic and the effect it has had on young people, the role of youth centers is all the more important.

The 25th Youth House Week is held until October 16.

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