YouTube: Léo Grasset (DirtyBiology) responds to accusations of sexual violence against him

It was the case that rocked the French YouTube: Léo Grasset, of the popular science channel DirtyBiology, is accused; of rape and sexual and psychological violence by eight women, including Manon Bril, of the channel It's another story.

YouTube: Léo Grasset (DirtyBiology) responds to accusations of sexual violence against him

The youtubeur reacted

Created in 2014, the YouTube channel DirtyBiology is one of the most important science popularization channels on French YouTube. ;mission, which deals with evolutionary biology and scientific philosophy, has 1.3 million subscribers in this month of June 2022, and has propelled its creator Léo Grasset to the rank of star. The videographer has also written two books, Le coup de la girafe: savants dans la savane (2015), where he talks about evolution in the African savannah, the fruit of his work in Zimbabwe during his graduate studies, and The Big Mess of Evolution(2021 ), as well as a comic strip co-created with his brother Colas, titledThe Great Adventure of Sex (2017).

< p>YouTube: Léo Grasset (DirtyBiology) responds to accusations of sexual violence against him

However, Lé ;o Grasset faces serious charges, revealed today by Mediapart. Indeed, eight women, including the videographer Manon Bril, accuse him of influence, sexism, psychological and even physical violence, and even rape for at least one of the accusers. Accusations widely relayed on social networks. In addition, several youtubers, including Linguisticae, have claimed; that the supposed acts of Léo Grasset were known in the popular media on French YouTube. 

While Mediapart broadcast; a live this day at; 7:00 p.m., where three of the eight accusers of Léo Grasset, the videographer, who had not wished to respond to requests from the investigative media, nevertheless came out of its silence at 18h, by posting a long message on Twitter, in which he denies the facts of which he is accused. 

The videographer takes advantage of also to underline that he will be available if the justice is seized by the plaintiffs. He also specifies that he will seize the authority himself. judiciary if the presumption of innocence to his respect is not respected.

Anyway, we will not fail to keep you informed of the evolution of this matter.< /p>

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