YouTube removed the anti-war series of the animated series “Masyanya” from 4 million views: what is the reason


YouTube removed the anti-war episode of the animated series Masyanya from 4 million views: what is the reason

Oleg Kuvaev tried to arouse compassion for the Ukrainians in the audience, he called the war a curse and a shame Russia.

The administration of YouTube video hosting has suddenly removed the last episode of the popular animated series “Masyanya”, which condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The author of the project, Oleg Kuvaev, shared the details on his Facebook page.

According to the author, recently a user with the nickname “Sobolev” complained about the cartoon “Episode 162. St. Mariuburg” and stated that the image of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg was copied from his personal photograph. Oleg Kuvaev admitted that he really used photos from the Internet, but does not consider this a copyright infringement.

“Anyone (St. , the cartoonist commented. – “However, YouTube was just so scared of some kind of “Sobolev” that the cartoon with 4 million views was simply deleted altogether! It didn't block, nor temporarily blocked access … But it was generally deleted! YouTube, why are you completely crazy?”.

YouTube removed the anti-war episode of the animated series

Oleg Kuvaev suggested that the “rashists” found a way to pressure YouTube employees to remove the video without good reason. As social network users noticed, the video was republished on the Odesa Film Studio channel.

“St. Mariuburg” is a combination of two cities: St. Petersburg, where Masyanya lives with his family, and Mariupol, now captured by Russian troops. According to the plot of the cartoon, the main character has a dream in which China attacked Russia and shelled peaceful cities, forcing the Russians to flee their homes and descend into shelters: basements and subways. Approximately in the middle of the video, it is shown how the rocket hits St. Isaac's Cathedral.

YouTube removed the anti-war episode of the animated series

The author, using the example of his characters, tried to show what Ukrainians are experiencing after the start of the Russian invasion. An interesting point: Oleg Kuvaev “evacuated” conditional Russians to Ukraine: Irpin, Bucha, Mariupol, where peace reigns according to the plot.

“Why is this happening? Because when one notorious idiot takes ownership of a large country with a bunch of rusty weapons are always fraught,” Masyanya explained.

At the end of the video, the author called the war in Ukraine a “shame” and a “curse” of Russia. In his opinion, the Russian invaders and murderers will “burn in hell.” He separately apologized to the people of China, whose images he used as an analogy.

In April, the artists remade posters of World War II in the Never Again Gallery project to reflect Ukrainian realities. 20 authors from Ukraine worked on them.


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