YouTube removed the channel of the Belarusian propagandist Azarenka


YouTube removed the channel of Belarusian propagandist Azarenka

The odious Belarusian assumed that he might run into a blockage, so back in May he started a spare channel on the platform. It now has 200 subscribers.

After three warnings, Youtube removed the channel of the Belarusian propagandist Grigory Azarenka, which had almost 10,000 subscribers. The propagandist wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

Focus made sure that this time he did not lie: the channel “Grigory Azarenok” is indeed no longer available.

YouTube deleted the channel Belarusian propagandist Azarenka

YouTube removed the channel of Belarusian propagandist Azarenka< /p>

“Comrades, Google has completely deleted my YouTube account. But if the rednecks think that we will give up, then we will really give up. It's on their heads,” the propagandist reacted to Youtube's decision.

Who is Grigory Azarenok?

YouTube removed the channel of Belarusian propagandist Azarenka< /p>

Azarenok became famous for his “five minutes of hatred”, during which he insults the opposition and all critics of Belarus and Alexander Lukashenko, as well as Russia and Vladimir Putin. The Belarusian dictator clearly notes the propagandist, sometimes encouraging him. For example, a year ago Lukashenka awarded Azarenka with a medal. It is noteworthy that on that day he was the only civilian among the KGB officers who received awards.

Grigory Azarenok in his programs is not shy in expressions, which can cause a ban on Youtube, so he prepared in advance for such a development of events . Back in May, the propagandist created a backup channel. Now it has 200 subscribers.

However, the removal of the Youtube channel should not upset the propagandist, since in March 2022 he told his viewers what a wonderful life will begin in Belarus after the shutdown of social networks.

Azarenka's programs are also broadcast on the state television of Belarus. In them, the propagandist insulted Ukraine, calling it “Banderostan”, long before the full-scale Russian invasion. “Your children are sold on a commercial scale for organs, and girls are delivered to European brothels almost officially. Poor, poor our Ukraine,” he said in March 2021.

In July 2021, Alexander Lukashenko said about the assassination attempt on Azarenka, hinting at the Ukrainian trace in the story of the attempt.


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