Yulia Sanina released a new emotional song

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Yuliya Sanina released a new emotional song

charity concerts in support of Ukraine.

Frontwoman of the Ukrainian band The Hardkiss Yuliya Sanina has released a new composition called Mayak. The video was released on YouTube.

The composition tells about the war in Ukraine, the hope and “light” that all the inhabitants of our country need.

“We all need hope now, we even need to look for it in the darkest times. She is like a star in the sky. Like a distant beacon light in a stormy ocean. Ukrainians have always demonstrated unity. But lately it has been especially felt. Unity, support for each other, faith in people, good people. Faith in what that even a stranger can save your life. Ukrainians have become “beacons” for each other,” she commented on the premiere of the video.

Earlier it was reported that Yulia Sanina, who travels the world with charity concerts, told where collected funds are sent.

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