Yura Shatunov died. Why “White Roses” broke the USSR and remained Verka Serduchka's favorite song

Yura Shatunov died. Why

At the age of 48, the soloist of the pop group “Tender May” died , which collected stadiums in the USSR. It so happened that orphan musicians “buried” the USSR: in 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, “Tender May” also disintegrated.

Yuri Shatunov died of a heart attack, who, as a soloist in the pop group “Tender May”, once plaintively and subtly brought out “White Roses”. The group in the late 1980s played eight shows a day – it was a phenomenon. It so happened that orphan musicians “buried” the USSR: in 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, “Tender May” also disintegrated.

Yuri Shatunov has long lived in two countries: in Germany and in Russia. After the collapse of the musical group, the singer left for Germany, where he was educated as a sound engineer. There he met his future wife, Svetlana, who bore him two children in the 2000s. In 2013, the godfather of Shatunov's daughter Estella was the producer of “Tender May” Andrey Razin, with whom the singer regularly quarreled and reconciled – because of the creative heritage of the group and, of course, money. And the other day Shatunov won the court, which allowed him to perform the songs of “Tender May”.

Shatunov just finished the Don't Be Silent concert tour, and planned a new one for November. Perhaps the health of the vocalist was undermined by a legal feud with Razin, which lasted from 2019: the artist became ill at someone in the country, he was taken to the hospital, but was not saved.

Both Shatunov and Razin composed mountains of musical material in the 30 years after the breakup of the group, but none of this ever came to fruition. It is curious that once in an interview with Natasha Vlashchenko, Andrey Danilko, aka the legendary Verka Serduchka, admitted that he clearly remembers the moment when he first heard “White Roses” of “Tender May” in the pioneer camp – and how this thing shocked him. “After all, this is actually this song about what?” Andrei argued. – “About what?” – Natasha automatically repeated: the presenter, as an intelligent person, was simply interested in the phenomenon of the impact of the song on young Danilko. But he answered absolutely seriously: “After all, the song” White Roses “is not about flowers. There is a second plan.” But what this plan is, Danilko did not explain.

And what is the super hit of Sergei Kuznetsov, who attracted millions of teenagers to the concerts of “Tender May” about? Look, this simple song, written 34 years ago, has 47 million views on Youtube.

Me and my friends, who listened in the late 1980s to the rock bands “Kino”, “Aquarium”, “Nautilus Pampilius”, “Vopli Vidoplyasov”, “Brothers of Gadyukinikh” and Western rock, this primitive, as it seemed to us, composition that sounds already from irons and washing machines, annoying. But the song about “White Roses” is not forgotten, maybe it really has a second plan, which Danilko speaks about?

We will analyze it without discounts for bias. And the clip, of course, which was then constantly spun.

“A little warmer behind the glass, but evil frosts. I enter these doors, as if into a garden of July flowers. I so want to warm them with warmth, but I'm ready to kiss and stroke white roses in front of everyone,” begins Shatunov.

White roses freeze, the lyrical hero wants to warm them with warmth and even “is ready to kiss and stroke in front of everyone.”

Yura Shatunov died. Why

White rose is a symbol of innocent, pure love. Wedding bouquets are often made up of white roses. White roses are pure love, such as that of a child (a red rose, as a counterweight, is a symbol of passion). But immediately in the song there is an image of snow, frost, where they are thrown from the “garden of July flowers”.

“White roses, white roses, defenseless thorns.

What did the snow do to them and frost, ice showcases blue.

People will decorate their holiday with you only for a few days

And leave you to die on a white, cold window.”

And the ending:

“Let the festive light fill in a moment all the windows of the yards

Who invented you to raise in winter, oh, white roses

And take cruel blizzards, cold winds into the world”

So, white roses are the love of a child, and not just a child, if we remember the context, but orphans, because “Tender May” consisted of boarding school children.

Vocalist Yura Shatunov was an orphan, and the author of words and music, Sergei Kuznetsov, the head of the musical circle in the orphanage, did not have a father. It turns out that “White Roses” is an allegorical song about abandoned children, who, in fact, were its performers. Therefore, even the roughness of the text and the primitive arrangement (although it was made in the then fashionable Euro-disco style) worked to the advantage of this piece, giving it even more “orphan features”.

Yura Shatunov died. Why

The line “thorns are so defenseless” was especially powerful in this sense: everyone knows the roughness of the inhabitants of orphanages, but everyone understands that this is the flip side of vulnerability.

In the video with Yura Shatunov, many guys give girls white roses on a date. And then we see the forgotten bouquets. As a result of someone's short romantic relationship … a child was born. But with white roses, “people decorated their holiday for several days,” and then they abandoned it, leaving them in the cold of loneliness, without parental care. And the line especially hits the heart: “Who thought of raising you in winter, oh, white roses, and leading cruel blizzards, cold winds into the world.”

In this particular composition, a white rose is a symbol of an abandoned child, and in the song the social level intersects with the symbolic: that's where the second plan is. And that's why she had such a strong effect on young Danilko, who himself grew up in a dysfunctional family. It turns out that there can be hidden abysses in pop music!

This composition calls out through God's lips for mercy towards all the children left behind. Hence the name of the group “Tender May” – as a reference to the unrealizable paradise of family comfort. And if wider, then in the song a call for mercy in relation to all people who felt abandoned, deprived of warmth and love. Didn't anyone else feel that way? That is why the image of white roses being taken “into the world of cruel blizzards” produced a powerful emotional outburst that continues to this day.

I do not remember that, despite the fact that it was a real super hit (they say, “Roses” thundered even in Poland), that this song was often sung in restaurants. Because few performers could give out the orphan context of Yura Shatunov, who at the time of the performance of this piece was only 13 years old. And it becomes clear why the lyrical hero of these same white roses is “ready to kiss and stroke” – he sees a reflection of himself in them and wants to at least slightly compensate for the total cold where these gentle creatures have got.

“White roses” thundered everywhere until 1991 – until the collapse of the Union.

Note that the topic of homeless children was raised at the beginning of the creation of the USSR, since there were many orphans – children whose parents died during the Civil War: let's recall Makarenko's books on this topic, the film “Start in Life”. And in 1991, as a result of the loss in the Cold War, the common home was destroyed – the seventy-year-old Soviet state, which was “sung” by an orphan song.

Yura Shatunov died. Why

Lesser-known hits of the group – “Pink Evening”, “Gray Night”, “Summer” – they were all perceived in the context of orphanhood. Even the producer of the group, who joined it later, Andrei Razin, was also an orphan, his parents died in a car accident.

But the children from “Tender May” rapidly matured. They have changed – and their work has lost that special, nagging nerve that clung to the public. The band members got rich, but Razin had the strongest legal grip, who bought the rights to the songs and then sued the vocalist. With the death of Yuri Shatunov, an entire era of “orphan” creativity has gone. Everyone in him kept seeing that boy from the 1980s. And he hasn't aged too much: at 48 he looked thirty years old.

Yura Shatunov died. Why < /p>

As for today, Russia has already unleashed a “hot” war in Ukraine: dozens of destroyed cities, millions of refugees, thousands of new orphans and thousands of separations. Therefore, the recent composition of Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil called “Ridnі my” (4.3 million views on Youtube) shot like that. In which everything is the same – the special atmosphere of the home is glorified, where the lyrical heroine cannot get due to circumstances.

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