Yuri Bardash fled to Moscow: the Kremlin promises protection


Yuri Bardash fled to Moscow: the Kremlin promises protection

Former producer of the group “Mushrooms” Yuri Bardash, after anti-Ukrainian statements, fled from Georgia to Moscow, saying that the fighters of the “Georgian Legion” wanted to kill him.< /p>

Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov promised that the well-known Ukrainian producer Yuri Bardash would be helped in Russia. At the same time, Peskov admitted that he did not know who Yuri Bardash was, had not heard his song criticizing the Ukrainian authorities, and did not know why he had to flee Georgia.

“I think that if there really is persecution , then, of course, they will help him too,” said Vladimir Putin's spokesman.

A native of Alchevsk, Yuriy Bardash, recently made anti-Ukrainian statements, called on Ukrainians to surrender and insulted the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After that, Bardash said on the Telegram channel that a hunt had been announced for him, so he “goes into silence.” Soon a new song by Yuri Bardash was released, in which he criticized Kyiv for the Ukrainization of Donbass and accused him of starting a war.

Yuri Bardash fled to Moscow: the Kremlin promises protection

On the morning of July 22, Yuri Bardash told the details of the escape from Georgia, where he was hiding from ill-wishers. According to the musician, he was warned twice that it was not safe for him to be in this country, and at first he ignored these warnings.

“In the evening, another call came from Ukraine, during which they told me that the Georgian Legion had been sent for me and that the guys had already left,” Bardash noted. “The backpack was assembled in five minutes. I spent two days in the mountains of Batumi, after , ford crossed the border of Georgia and Abkhazia, an unforgettable experience.”

Note that from Batumi to the border with Abkhazia more than 100 km.

Next, Yuri Bardash headed to Moscow, where he feels in safety and making plans “concerning music and social life”.

What is Yury Bardash famous for

Yuri Bardash is a boarding school student. Arriving in Kyiv, he earned a living by dancing performances. His successful career began in 2003, when he, together with the Force team, performed in the large-scale Ukrainian musical Equator. On the working site, Bardash met the future Quest Pistols soloists Konstantin Borovsky, Nikita Goryuk, Anton Savlepov.

Bardash has many successful musical projects behind him. He became the founder of such groups as “Quest Pistols”, “Mushrooms”, “Nerves”, Luna and others, which brought him wide popularity.

Yuri Bardash fled to Moscow: the Kremlin promises protection

< p>In 2019, a Ukrainian producer got into a scandal after, during an interview with Yuri Dud, he began to voice Kremlin narratives regarding the war in Donbass.

As Focus previously reported, producer Yuri Bardash compared the inhabitants of Ukraine with the citizens of the Third Reich. On his Instagram, he posted a story that mentioned the Nazi slogan Deutschland über alles in relation to the famous motto: “Ukraine is above all”.


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