Yuri Shatunov died in the Domodedovo Central District Hospital

Yuri Shatunov died at the Domodedovo Central District Hospital

According to journalists, due to the failure of the ambulance, more than 30 minutes were lost, and improper transportation could lead to the death of the performer.

Soloist of the group “Tender May” Yuri Shatunov died after the ambulance refused to come to the call and the performer was independently brought to a hospital near Moscow. New details of the musician's death were published by the Russian edition 112.

According to journalists, Yuri Shatunov died on June 23 at 00:20 Moscow time.

Ambulance, according to informed insiders, did not immediately go to the call to the lead singer of the Laskovy May group, which was why over 30 minutes lost.

“If all the actions after the call had been followed in accordance with the regulations, Shatunov could have been saved with a high probability. Shatunov’s friends called 112 around 23:27. the director of the singer and his friends had to take him to the hospital themselves,” the journalists say and add that improper transportation of the patient could only worsen the situation.

Leskovy May, soloist Yuri Shatunov, was taken to the nearest hospital at 23 :45 Moscow time, and the ambulance arrived at the medical facility only at 00:10.

Moreover, as the journalists note, the doctors who arrived spent about 10 more minutes examining the musician and transporting him to the Domodedovo Central District Hospital. Edition 112 claims that Yuri Shatunov died at 00:20. In a hospital near Moscow, as well as in an ambulance, the medical workers did everything possible, but the lead singer of the Laskovy May group could not be saved.

Later, the Russian media published new details of the death of Yuri Shatunov. According to journalists, the lead singer of the group “Tender May” died in an ambulance while being transported to the central district hospital near Moscow. The funeral of Yuri Shatunov, according to his producer, may take place at the Troekurovsky cemetery in Moscow.