Yuriy Tkach told about the nepotism with Natalia cholodenko and Catherine Kuhar

Famous Ukrainian comedian Yuri Tkach was declassified, why he became the godfather of the prima ballerina and Natalia Kholodenko.

It turns out that Yuri and Natalia had agreed to baptize their future children.

Юрий Ткач рассказал о кумовстве с Натальей Холоденко и Екатериной Кухар

“One evening, “Tanzu s with a stars” somewhere at two in the morning we sat at Natasha’s house. During the conversation we agreed that one of the first born child, he takes to the friends of the other. She said she did,” said Yuri Tkach.

Also the star of “Leg SMH” admitted that then they psychologist Natalia Kholodenko together thought whom to take godmother. Natalia immediately nominated Catherine Kuchar.

“Wait, so we have Kate, – I ask, – What’s going on in your head that give you these ideas?” joked weaver.

Then, according to the actor, he personally called prima ballerina and confirmed that will be the godmother of little Vivienne. The christening was held on 14 November.

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