Zakhar Prilepin announced that Ivan Urgant started work on a new project in Ostankino


    Zakhar Prilepin announced that Ivan Urgant has started work on a new project in Ostankino

    Ivan Urgant on the air of the Evening Urgant program< /p>

    Writer Zakhar Prilepin hinted at the imminent return of the Evening Urgant program or its equivalent. He shared his information in his personal telegram channel.

    The day before yesterday, they say, in the corridors of Ostankino Ivan Urgant cheerfully wrote down the introductions to the new program. I think it's a YouTube project. Or rather, I don't think anything. It's just been told. May everyone be well. Korsa has the title of Hero of Russia, Vanya has a new project. As they sometimes say to me: what now, everyone to die because of your Donbass? Of course not. May all living beings live. Moreover, there are the dead more alive than the living and the living — deader than the dead. All this is so. But it still makes me feel nauseous sometimes,

    — wrote Prilepin.

    After the start of the military special operation in Ukraine, the Evening Urgant program disappeared from the air of Channel One. After that, there were rumors about the closure of the program, the reason for which was the anti-war position of Urgant himself, but representatives of the channel denied this information and justified the pause with the inappropriateness of entertainment programs. Urgant also faced public criticism for allegedly emigrating to Israel shortly after the start of the special operation, but the broadcaster himself called it a “vacation”. Later, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov even commented on the resonant story, calling Urgant a “great patriot” and admitting that those who left in the first days after the start of the special operation were simply “scared.”

    Urgant himself in detail about did not speak out about the special operation, but in the first days he published an anti-war post. Zakhar Prilepin supports the special operation.

    Poet Igor Karaulov also reacted to the news about the possible return of “Evening Urgant”.

    Why is that? It's a matter of life. When we went to “REB” (a new socio-political talk show of Channel One, two episodes came out in early July. — Note ed.) We walked, each time we passed by Urgant's studio. Well, that is, all twice, because on the third “EW” went on vacation. And Urgant returned. Lomonosov discovered this law, and it is not for us to change it. And then, well, what kind of Russophobe from Urgant? All his Russophobia — only following the social norms of his circle, in which there are bosses, sponsors, and drinking companions. For him, disgusting about “dambas” to say — how for us to hold the fork in the left, and the knife in the right. When they don’t look, you can do the opposite, but they always look at him, he is a star,

    — wrote Karaulov in his telegram channel.

    Zakhar Prilepin announced that Ivan Urgant has started work on a new project in Ostankino

    Kate Beckinsale and Ivan Urgant in the program “Evening Urgant”

    In parallel, the telegram discusses the news about the proposal to check Ivan Urgant, as well as Maxim Galkin and Chulpan Khamatova, who condemned the special operation and left Russia, for paying taxes. This initiative was made by State Duma deputy Ivan Sukharev.

    In addition, State Duma deputies, members of the group for the investigation of anti-Russian activities in the field of culture (GRAD), which also includes Zakhar Prilepin, asked the leadership of Channel One and the Bolshoi Theater ” exert influence” on TV presenters Ivan Urgant and Alexander Vasiliev and director Alexander Molochnikov, and if such influence does not take effect, fire them. The reason for the appeal was the negative attitude of celebrities to the special operation.

    Ivan Urgant recently resumed his professional activities in Russia. So, he held a corporate party of a major businessman in Omsk.

    Zakhar Prilepin announced that Ivan Urgant has started work on a new project in Ostankino


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