Zdzisław from the “Sanatorium of Love” program does not hide his happiness. He found his soul mate. Fans of the show are wondering who stole his heart

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Zdzisław from “Sanatorium of Love” found love!

Zdzisław from the

According to the “Radio Zet” portal, Zdzisław Wojtaś is one of the participants in the “Sanatorium of Love” program. In one of the last interviews, the man revealed that there had been serious changes in his life. The participant revealed that he managed to find his other half. “I'm happy,” Zdzislaw revealed. Who is his chosen one?

The stay in the “Sanatorium of Love” continues

Viewers have the opportunity to watch the latest season of Sanatorium of Love, which was filmed in the spa in Busko-Zdrój. One of the participants who has already managed to win the huge sympathy of the viewers is Zdzisław Wojtaś from Tczew. He won the hearts of the audience with his elegance and taste.

There are many indications that he will be one of the lucky ones whose participation in the program will bring not only popularity, but also love. In one of the last interviews, Zdzisław opened the veil of secrecy and revealed that he was happily in love. It turns out that he found his soul mate among the participants of the TVP love show.

As Zdzisław himself said, keen observers will certainly be able to see which of the nice ladies turned his head. “The clue to solving this fantastic puzzle are the photos of the participants. Looking at them carefully, you can find the right answer” – he said in an interview with “Świat Seriali”.

“I was reborn”

Zdzisław admitted that participation in the “Sanatorium of Love” turned out to be a saving grace for him. In the aforementioned interview, he revealed that everything he experienced while filming the program exceeded his wildest expectations.

Do you have any tips for Zdzisław's chosen one? Can you guess who his soulmate might be?

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