Zelensky no longer asks for Putin's head to negotiate peace

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Zelensky no longer asks for Putin's head to negotiate peace

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has slightly softened his demands for sit down to negotiate with Russia the end of the war and would no longer ask for the dismissal of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, assured this Thursday the Ukrainian newspaper 'Kyiv Post'.

The newspaper, which is published in English, indicated that the administration of the US president, Joe Biden, is getting the Ukrainian leader to relax his conditions when negotiating peace with Russia.

The Kyiv Post, which cites two officials familiar with the matter as sources, recalls that last 6 November Zelensky said he was open to “genuine talks” with Russia.


But he imposed a series of requirements for it, some of which were already known, such as the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, the punishment of war crimes and reparations, among others.

Unlike previous announcements, it omitted mentioning the condition that Putin must be removed from office before such talks can take place, he said. the newspaper.

That change came after “days of negotiations between kyiv and Washington” which included a meeting last week of the US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, with Zelensky in the Ukrainian capital.

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One of the top officials of The Ukrainian administration told the newspaper that, although the Americans did not explicitly instruct Zelensky and his allies in Ukraine to change their position, they did convey to kyiv that it must demonstrate “more enthusiasm to end the conflict in a friendly and sensible way“.

“The idea is to show the international stage, once again, that Ukraine, and not Russia,< strong> is the party seeking peace,” the source added.

“That doesn't mean they should go to the negotiating table right now. We don't even think now is the right time based on what's going on. What Russia is doing,” argued the official quoted by the Kiev daily and spoke on condition of anonymity.

“But they must show a willingness to resolve the conflict more interested in ending this conflict than Ukraine,” he said.

The newspaper also recalled that in recent days contacts between US officials and their counterparts have been confirmed. Ukrainians and Russians “in an effort to defuse tensions and avoid mistakes” in this war, which began on February 24.