Zhenya from “Matchmakers” charmed in a gentle way

Zhenya from “Matchmakers” charmed in a gentle way

The actress of the series “Matchmakers” shared a new photo.

After the release of the series “Matchmakers”, the actress Anna Koshmal, who played the role of the eldest granddaughter of Ivan Budko, gained great popularity.

Zhenya from

Now the girl's Instagram page has more than 430 thousand followers, and each of her new photos receives hundreds of enthusiastic comments.

On November 8, Anna Koshmal shared a photo of posing in a brown silk dress with thin straps. The actress's hair is curled into curls, and her face is adorned with barely noticeable makeup.

“Magic” – the actress signed the photo. (transl. “Magic”)

“Anya, you are a very beautiful fashion model and a girl! Your husband is very lucky “,” Beautiful, light, gentle. I admire it! ”,“ How magically beautiful, ”Anya's fans comment on the photo.

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