“Zhirinovsky is gay?” Collaborated with the politician Panin said subscriber

Odious actor Alexey Panin told about his political career and answered a question about the sexual orientation of the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

In his Instagram account Panin posted a photo from one of the congresses of political forces, which depicted he and Zhirinovsky.

“Deputy weekdays. All thoughts of Mother Russia. My political career was the shortest in the world, but it was cool. Have fun. PS Then I still believed that this “great” country it is possible to change something,” commented a photo of the actor.

One of our subscribers asked Panin whether it was true that Zhirinovsky’s gay.

''Жириновский - гей?'' Сотрудничавший с политиком Панин ответил подписчику

“I have no idea. I’m not interested. I’m talking about people’s personal lives,” – said the actor.

Zhirinovsky has apologized for the distribution of money “serfs and slaves”

“Forgive us, Ukrainians!” Panin turned to Zelensky

Only in our Instagram you will know all the secrets winnik!

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