Zkr: Here’s why his album In the Hands is a hit

Zkr: Here’s why his album In the Hands is a hit

Zkr: Here’s why his album In the Hands is a hit

We tell you about the success of ZKR’s first album “Dans les mains”.

Recently we invited you to discover what (the) artist from the REC118 label you looked like between Ninho SCH Aya Nakamura and Gambi and we are now going to look at a rapper who is making a lot of talk at the start of the year, Zkr. This is the one everyone is talking about right now and thanks to the box of his first album “In the hands”, released on January 8. In just 24 hours, the project recorded more than 2.1 million streams on Spotify. A week later, he is the most represented artist in the Spotify top 100 with 14 tracks from his album. So why is his project so successful? We reveal our analysis just below.

Quality texts and punchlines

Only 24 years old, Zkr is an authentic artist who does not hesitate to indulge himself in all transparency in his sounds. It smells of lived experience and that’s what the public loves! Whether sung or raped, his lyrics are poignant and easily stay in our minds. The same goes for punchlines like: “What’s the point of buying views if your concerts are not full”. We feel that he has confirmed and affirmed his pen on this project and the result is there!

A varied and complete album at the same time

Piano, guitar, old school, rican … there is everything on this project! We can also feel the influence of American rap in several sounds on the album. Which does not surprise us when we know the musical tastes of the artist. He also released a very good freestyle in his rap planet on a Pop Smoke instrument. Regarding the sounds, we find nostalgia, analysis and even love with “Character”. The feat are all successful but, if we had to choose, little preference for “You see how” with PLK. While waiting to see what Zkr has in store for us for the future, we stay in the rap news with Hatik who released his new title crashtest.

Credits: melty

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