Zlata Ognevich shared for the first time what kind of disease has been tormenting her since childhood


August 2, 2022, 15:08 | Culture

The singer talked about her health problems.

Zlata Ognevich for the first time shared what kind of disease has been tormenting her since childhood

Zlata Ognevich said that she has been tormented by severe headaches since childhood. She had never talked about this before. The girl has already undergone many different examinations, but she still does not know what exactly is the cause of the pain, informs Ukr.Media.

According to the ex-bachelorette, a headache attack happens to her quite often and can last for about 2- x weeks, repeating every 2-3 days.

"Never shared this with you. But maybe during all this time that I have been fighting this disease, some new techniques have appeared that can really help. I've been suffering from crazy headaches, such as migraines, since I was a child. Painkillers take me only partially and still a distant pain remains somewhere there. Nausea, feeling bad,' Ognevich shares frankly.

Despite this, the singer tries to lead a full-fledged lifestyle: play sports, perform, attend various meetings. Zlata admitted that now only strong painkillers help her and asked her subscribers to advise those who have faced a similar disease, effective methods of treatment.


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