Zoe Saldana was asked to stop publishing her fake Nude photos

Network walks very explicit photos of a woman who similar to Sochi.

Зои Салдана попросила перестать публиковать ее фейковые обнаженные фото

The actress appealed to users with a call to spread a strange photo, which allegedly captured Zoe in the Nude. In the Internet published the picture, which is similar to a actress woman posing without clothes sitting on the floor near the green sofa. The heroine of the picture is not even covered his hands and looks extremely relaxed in a very provocative pose.

Zoe was so outraged by this photo that she swore at anonymous, who said that the photo — Saldana, and urged people not to distribute the picture.

Whoever the fuck was, stop trying to post these fake pictures. I have never participated and do not intend to participate in such surveys. It is a violation and an insult, it demeans women. Let everyone know that I am not a victim that suffers in silence. I’m protecting myself and all the women who are unable to fend for themselves. Stop hiding and to think that you could get away with it,

— posted by Zoe in his microblog.

Now this picture is more difficult to find, but it is unknown removed her Zoe or Sam Instagram because the frame is hardly in line with norms of the social network, although he “zatsenzuren” stickers. Recently Saldana herself has published on the page spicy photo, but much more decent. Her she is posing in some jeans and Flirty covers the bust hand.

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