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Zuckerberg tackles Google and OpenAI: AI for all or only for a few ?

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During a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg did not mince his words regarding the technological behemoths Google and OpenAI, castigating their hermetic policy on generative artificial intelligence. Indeed, while Meta favors an open approach, particularly with models like Llama 3, these companies opt for locked systems, inaccessible to the general public.

An approach that the founder of Facebook considers inappropriate and elitist. However, the crux of his statement lies in his apparent desire to share Meta's AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) with the entire community as open source.  In this interview with Kane Sutter, he explained “ This technology is so important that we need to make sure it is accessible to as many people as possible ». However, these promises should be viewed with caution, given Facebook's previous unfulfilled commitments.

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A head-on opposition to Google and OpenAI

During his interview, Zuckerberg expressed himself bluntly: “&amp ;nbsp;I don't think AI is something that should be monopolized, that a company can use it to develop whatever core, unique product that it is. ;she builds ”. By expressly targeting Google's Gemini and OpenAI's ChatGPT (without naming them), the boss of Meta blames their approach to development of &#8217 ;Sectionalized AI.

He pushes his reasoning further by insinuating that certain firms aspire to “ create God ”, a barely veiled allusion to their ambitions to design an AGI, capable of mastering any human cognitive task. This diatribe makes sense when we consider the considerable advantage that the pioneer of the IAG, would enjoya quasi-monopoly potentially detrimental to the digital balance.

During another interview published in the columns of The Verge, Zuckerberg did not miss the opportunity to unleash a subtle jab at the& #8217;against the team of Sam Altman, again without giving a name. “ There were all these companies that were transparent, shared all their work and announced that they were going to make everything open source. But now we can see that people are saying: “It's going to become really valuable, so let's keep it to ourselves” »

The quest for IAG and the war for talent

Zuckerberg recognizes the capital importance of AGI, while conceding the absence of a precise definition and a defined timetable for its development. “ I think it’s important to say this because many of the best researchers want to work on the most ambitious problems&nbsp ;,” he says. The race for excellence to secure the services of the most brilliant minds in AI is fierce, with often astronomical remunerations exceeding a million dollars annually.

In addition to human capital, the computational power required to train and operate colossal models is essential. Zuckerberg announces that by the end of the year, Meta will have a fleet of more than 340,000 H100 GPUs from Nvidia, a $9 billion investment potentially dwarfing any other individual entity. The company is actively restructuring its AI research divisions so that technological breakthroughs directly benefit its billions of users.

Zuckerberg aspires to this that their AI innovations are incorporated into all of their products, from smart glasses to virtual assistants, strengthening the appeal and ;#8217;usefulness of its platforms. “ We realized that to build the products we want, we need to aim for general intelligence ,” says he.

Should we detect a form of promise in the declaration of the big boss of Meta, or even a real commitment on his part to offer an open source AGI ? Let us be careful not to be too hasty in our conclusions. In this same interview, he qualified his remarks, in a subtle movement that one could associate with a form of backpedaling: “ To the extent that this will remain relevant and be part of a safe and responsible approach, I think that in general, we will aspire to open source. However, it goes without saying that no one wants to find themselves forced to act solely on the basis of a previous declaration… ”. Altruism, but not too much either !

  • Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Google and OpenAI for their closed approach to AI, instead favoring an open source strategy for Meta.
  • Currently, Meta is investing heavily in IT talent and resources to develop AI innovations integrated into its products.
  • He expressed his willingness to share the’ IAG open source to as many people as possible, but still remaining cautious in its promise.

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