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11 men on trial for sexual assault and prostitution this Thursday: a dating site in question

Aged from 25 to 25 years old 60 years old, the defendants are accused of having had sexual relations, paid for for some, with a 13-year-old girl whom they allegedly met ;e via the site controversé coco.gg.

A year ago, worried about not having any news from their 13-year-old daughter, the parents of a schoolgirl went to ; the Bouchain gendarmerie in the North. The teenager had finally been arrested. found thanks to this his phone. However, she was in an agricultural shed in Pas-de-Calais. The investigation then made it possible to discover that the young woman was maintaining paid relationships with different adult men. She used the Snapchat application, but also the site coco.gg.

Éalso known by its old name coco.fr, but also calledé Coco Chat or Cocoland, this free chat without registration is regularly associated with other users. legal cases. It's also through this same dating site that the two minors, who were & indicted in the case of the death of Philippe à Grande-Synthe, claim to have given meet à their victim. They would then have pretended to be for a minor. Questioned on this site by AFP, of which Le Parisien is the echo, the&nbsp ;legal manager of ACPE, Sophie Antoine, does not hesitate to qualify Coco.gg as a "hunting ground for predators". 

Employees, worker, military, baker… In total, 12 men, aged 25 to 25 years old. 60 years old, will be judged at the age of 60. Valenciennes on Thursday April 25. Five of them will be prosecuted for "recourse & prostitution of a minor, six others for sexual offenses against a minor. The twelfth individual is only accused of of "solicitation" and "possession of image of a minor' pornographic character. À note that the 11 other defendants are also suspected of this last charge.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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