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130 GB 5G package for €10/month, a CRAZY offer that will be enough for all French people

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Available on the network of the historic operator SFR, offers unbeatable value for money. The latter allows you to benefit from an internet envelope of 130 GB in 5G valid in France, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 15 GB usable from the EU and the French Overseas Territories.

Flexible, it is ideally suited for people looking for a formula offering great comfort of use. Thanks to two extensions of 20 GB each, it provides up to 170 GB of mobile data.

To discover this flexible mobile plan, it's here:

Practical, especially if your consumption changes from one month to another, since this saves you from having to constantly change your plan. Each extension costs 2 euros, which are added to the base price in case you use them.

You have absolutely nothing to do since it is Prixtel who takes care of checking how much internet you have used – and adjusts your bill accordingly every month. Without commitment, the Le Grand package allows you to cancel whenever you want, without notice or proof. In terms of price, it also remains one of the cheapest on the market, allowing you to have a comfortable package, without costing you a fortune.

The big package, why it is so successful ?

As we have said, the Prixtel le Grand package is advantageous in many ways. First of all, its price ranges between 9.99 euros and 13.99 euros per month, depending on the amount of internet you use. If you do not exceed 130 GB, it will remain below 10 euros. Between 130 GB and 150 GB consumed during the month, it costs 11.99 euros. Finally, when you reach the last level between 150 GB and 170 GB, you are charged 13.99 euros.

Usually, 5G is only available on . Luckily, for a limited period of time, Prixtel is including it free of charge in its Le grand package. To benefit from the latter, you must obviously have a compatible smartphone and be in a covered area.

In 2024, SFR's 5G will cover more than 7,700 municipalities, thus offering a fast and reliable internet connection to millions of French people. Where the Grand package (and all the others in the Prixtel range) stands out from classic packages, it is thanks to the flexibility it offers to its subscribers.

With it, you have a formula that adapts according to your actual consumption, without you having to do anything. Which, in short, is much more profitable than having an oversized package, which you pay for no matter what, always full at the end or beginning of the month. And knowing that according to a recent study conducted by ARCEP, a French person uses on average 20 GB of mobile internet per month, with the 130 GB of the package included in the Grand package , you have plenty to look forward to in the coming years.

With so much data, you can easily watch all your favorite series and films, but also download them for offline viewing, but also use GPS when you travel, or even serve yourself of your plan like a mobile router, if the Wi-Fi connection is not stable or if it encounters outages.

How to keep your phone number when changing operators?

You want to test the Grand de Prixtel package, you are still hesitant and are afraid of losing your current telephone number ? Don't panic, change operator and Keeping your number is child's play.

When you register, Prixtel gives you the option of choosing a new number, or keeping the one you already have. In the latter case, you will then need to communicate your RIO code. As a reminder or for information purposes, this is your unique telecom subscriber number. This is obtained by calling 3179 from your current line. Once in its possession, Prixtel will take care of its transfer.

And if you were employed by your previous operator, they will also take care of terminating your contract. Finally, as we pointed out earlier, all Prixtel packages are non-binding. Therefore, you can test them over a period and see if they meet your expectations. If necessary, simply cancel and go with an offer that suits you better.

To find out more about Prixtel's flexible packages, it's here:

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